Message from President & CEO Steve Suroviec

Steve Suroviec, ACHIEVA's President & CEO is standing in the lobby at the Bingham Street office on the South Side.
Thursday, August 9, 2018
On July 1, the merger of two corporate entities, The Arc of Westmoreland and ACHIEVA Support, became official.  Following its affiliation with ACHIEVA in 2009, The Arc of Westmoreland continued to exist as its own corporation - one of several subsidiaries within the ACHIEVA Family of Organizations.  This was a good fit from the start - after all, ACHIEVA's roots are with The Arc, having operated as "ARC Allegheny" for much of its existence.  The Arc of Westmoreland's proud history and commitment to people with intellectual disabilities and their families were similar to ACHIEVA's, and it seemed natural to develop this mutually beneficial relationship over the past decade.
This merger fused the best parts of both organizations into a single provider agency.  It enhances ACHIEVA's operational strengths and provides a more efficient way of doing business.  The commitment to inclusion, innovation, and quality continues in ACHIEVA Support, and advocacy continues for the people in Westmoreland County through The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh.  Thanks to the excellent staff work that's been done behind the scenes, I can assure the people we support in Westmoreland County, their families, and our employees that the merger will continue to be seamless to them.
I want to end my message this month by publicly thanking one of our most loyal, committed, and respected employees who recently retired.  Debbie Leggens, an advocate who started with The Arc of Westmoreland over 25 years ago, has literally touched the lives of thousands of people during her career, changing in a positive direction the life trajectory for so many of them. Her retirement is well deserved but Debbie will be missed.  We cannot express in words how important she has been to our organization and how much we appreciate her being someone who always upheld our values.  The advocacy mission of ACHIEVA continues as Debbie's replacement, Melissa Skiffen, will soon begin embracing the job the way Debbie did for so long.
As always, please feel free to email me with constructive comments or questions at
Steve Suroviec, President & CEO